Monday, January 6, 2014

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What really causes the weight gain?

Although we made great strides elsewhere in science, technology, and healthcare, did we miss the bus on understanding what contributes to our expanding waist lines?

According to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, a practicing obesity medicine physician and founder of W8MD medical weight loss centers of America, there is a lot of misinformation not only among the lay public but also among the medical profession.

Part of our misunderstanding what truly causes the weight gain is because we failed to understand the role of insulin resistance in causing the weight gain. Sumo wrestlers in Japan have been using this to their advantage by putting themselves on a diet that causes insulin resistance so they can gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. There are recent reports that even body builders in USA have realized how easy it is to use insulin resistance to intentionally and quickly gain a ton of weight!

The government efforts to help curb the epidemic of obesity, in the name of helping, in fact made this problem worse due to their failed food pyramid, that is now withdrawn?

Affecting up to about 1/3rd of the US population, insulin resistance is very common and leads to central obesity or belly fat. Also called insulin resistance syndrome, this condition increases inflammation in the body leading to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and many other disorders including some cancers.

How does it contribute to my weight gain?
Since insulin is a body building hormone, more insulin in the system, more body building happens just like in Sumo wrestlers in Japan.

I do not have any blood sugar issues, so why is insulin resistance still important for me?
The issue is that the body will compensate to insulin resistance by increasing the production of this very anabolic (body building) hormone so that the blood sugars are under control. However, this comes at a cost and the cost is weight gain, especially in the tummy and upper part of the body.

Does Obamacare cover for the weight loss physician visits?
The good news is that Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandates insurance coverage for weight loss physician visits. Although most weight loss programs do not accept health insurance for weight loss, w8md medical weight loss centers offices in New York city and greater Philadelphia do accept insurance for the weight loss visits.

How do I know if I am compensating to insulin resistance?
Use this free insulin resistance calculator tool from W8MD medical weight loss centers!

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