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10 things to lose weight fast in New York City

Although New York City is a bit leaner compared to some other cities in the United States, in many sections of the city, especially the Hispanic and African American communities, the rates of obesity in NYC are pretty high.

Let us look at the statistics of obesity and overweight status in New York? According to the BRFSS survey, about one-quarter (24.5%) of adults in Empire State(New York) are considered clinically obese and another 36% are overweight, an estimated 8.5 million residents. The rate of obesity are noted to be higher among adults who are non-Hispanic Black (32.5%), earn an annual household income less than $25,000 (26.8%), have less than a college education (27.1%), or are currently living with a disability (34.9%).

Causes of weight gain in New York
What really causes weight gain in New York? Is it as simple as the Government agencies want you to believe or is there more to it? If it is as simple as "eat less, exercise more", why is up to 70 percent of entire population of the united states and up to 50% of New Yorkers dealing with obesity or being overweight?
Here are the top 10 causes of weight gain New York City

1. metabolic reasons such as insulin resistance should be on the top of the list as this affects up to 70 percent of the population in the United States leading to weight gain, especially in the belly! 

According to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, founder of W8MD medical weight loss centers of America, you cannot really lose weight unless you begin to realize the role of insulin in your body. 
2. High glycemic foods lead to sugar rush and crash and cause weight gain in New York.

3. Lack of proper balanced protein based breakfast and can contribute to significant weight gain in New York.

4. Skipping meals is a habit known to cause weight gain in people in New York or elsewhere.

5. Eating larger portions is obvious reason for expanding waist lines of New Yorkers.

6. Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can cause the tummies to swell in Yankees

7. Lack of physical activity needs no explanation as it is obvious but physical activity is for maintenance and on its own is not a great tool to lose weight per research.

8. Hormonal imbalances is another common reason why new yorkers can gain weight

9. Medications, especially psychiatric, and mood stabilizing medications, steroids etc.

10. Eating disorders, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, genetic factors, post menopausal status in women etc. also cause weight gain.

What can you do to lose weight fast and safe in new york city?

Understand that there are many factors that contribute to weight gain and working with a trained and experienced weight loss doctor in New York City that accepts health insurance for the weight loss physician visits can make all the difference for fast and effective weight loss in New York City!

Losing weight in Philadelphia with Obamacare or other health insurance

How big is the problem of obesity or overweight status in Philadelphia area?

The city of Philadelphia with a population of over 1.5 million residents, has about 67.9% of its adults as either obese or overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control(CDC). Also, about 41% of youth aged between 6-17 are either overweight or obese.

Childhood obesity in Philadelphia, PA!

In certain suburbs of Philadelphia such as the North Philadelphia, up to about 70% of children or either overweight or obese where the demographic is mostly black or hispanic. This is twice the rate of obesity in children in north Philadelphia compared to nationwide obesity statistics in children.

What is causing the obesity or weight gain in Philadelphia?

Although most people were too quick to point out lack of exercise or fatty foods, the problems are more than what meets the eye, that causes this massive weight gain in children in Philadelphia, according to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, a practicing obesity medicine physician and founder of Poly-Tech Sleep and W8MD medical weight loss centers of America. There are metabolic reasons for weight gain such as insulin resistance that causes the weight gain!

Cost of obesity in Philadelphia
Although city specific cost of obesity in Philadelphia is not available, we know from the data available nationwide that obesity related expenses cost the nation about $147 billion dollars.

What is the cost of obesity to the individual in Philadelphia?
A study by George Washington University estimated that the individual cost of obesity is much higher than you might think! Let us say you ignore the problem of obesity, you still pay some price for being obese in terms of cost of more food, more gas (yes, more gas on the car), more doctor visits, more lost productivity or even lost years of life! The the overall cost of obesity, including the value of years lost due to premature death, was estimated in this George Washington University study at $8,365 a year for obese women and $6,518 a year for obese men.

The study by George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, factors in costs related to medical care, absenteeism from work, short-term disability, insurance and other factors. Among other issues, this study also discusses the fact that obese women get lower paying jobs for the same qualification which adds another level of cost to the overall cost of being obese or overweight!

Loss of lives in Philadelphia related to obesity
According to the data available from the city of Philadelphia's website, since 2000, approximately 24,000 Philadelphians have died of diseases caused by poor diet and physical inactivity.

So, what can I do to lose weight in Philadelphia? 
The good news is that you can do something about your weight so you can change your weight, and lifestyle. The first step to losing weight is to understand what causes your weight gain, to begin with. 

Stop blaming the victim for weight gain in Philadelphia!
Instead of the typical knee jerk reaction of blaming the victim or yourself, or your eating habits, or lack of activity, it is important to understand there are metabolic reasons that make you overeat, and crave certain foods, according to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD.

As one of the few weight loss physicians in greater Philadelphia area with a deeper training in the new field of obesity medicine or weight loss medicine, and having passed a written board examination in this field, Dr. Tumpati thinks the most important thing to understand is that it is not your fault for your weight gain!

Without understand the factors that lead to your weight gain, it is almost impossible for anybody to lose weight in Philadelphia, says Dr. Tumpati

What are the options to lose weight fast and safe in Philadelphia?

Understand the 5 things that are proven for weight loss in greater Philadelphia area.

Philadelphia weight loss option 1.

a VLCD or very low calorie diet that reduces your calories to about half or so from baseline under the care of a weight loss physician in Philadlephia.

Philadelphia weight loss option 2.

Increased physical activity in combination with a VLCD or LCD diet as exercise, it's own, is not very useful according to many well established studies. It has to be combined with a restricted diet.

Philadelphia weight loss option 3.

Behavior therapy to correct any underlying eating disorders, or metabolic factors such as insulin resistance, sleep problems, medications etc. that causes your weight gain in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia weight loss option 4.

prescription weight loss medications (diet pills) for appetite suppression and reduce cravings for fast and effective weight loss in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia weight loss option 5. 
Although surgery for weight loss in Philadelphia is not for everybody, it may be an option for certain patients for weight loss in Philadelphia. Most people would not need surgery for weight loss in Philadelphia nor is surgery the ultimate solution for weight loss in Philadelphia as you still need to change the behavior for safe, and sustained weight loss in Philadelphia area.

Does insurance cover my weight loss with Obamacare?

Yes, and w8md medical weight loss centers in North East Philadelphia and King of Prussia, PA are one of the few medical weight loss centers in greater Philadelphia area that accept health insurance for the weight loss physician visits.


Free weight loss tips for fast weight loss in New York City and Philadelphia

What really causes the weight gain?

Although we made great strides elsewhere in science, technology, and healthcare, did we miss the bus on understanding what contributes to our expanding waist lines?

According to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, a practicing obesity medicine physician and founder of W8MD medical weight loss centers of America, there is a lot of misinformation not only among the lay public but also among the medical profession.

Part of our misunderstanding what truly causes the weight gain is because we failed to understand the role of insulin resistance in causing the weight gain. Sumo wrestlers in Japan have been using this to their advantage by putting themselves on a diet that causes insulin resistance so they can gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. There are recent reports that even body builders in USA have realized how easy it is to use insulin resistance to intentionally and quickly gain a ton of weight!

The government efforts to help curb the epidemic of obesity, in the name of helping, in fact made this problem worse due to their failed food pyramid, that is now withdrawn?

Affecting up to about 1/3rd of the US population, insulin resistance is very common and leads to central obesity or belly fat. Also called insulin resistance syndrome, this condition increases inflammation in the body leading to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and many other disorders including some cancers.

How does it contribute to my weight gain?
Since insulin is a body building hormone, more insulin in the system, more body building happens just like in Sumo wrestlers in Japan.

I do not have any blood sugar issues, so why is insulin resistance still important for me?
The issue is that the body will compensate to insulin resistance by increasing the production of this very anabolic (body building) hormone so that the blood sugars are under control. However, this comes at a cost and the cost is weight gain, especially in the tummy and upper part of the body.

Does Obamacare cover for the weight loss physician visits?
The good news is that Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandates insurance coverage for weight loss physician visits. Although most weight loss programs do not accept health insurance for weight loss, w8md medical weight loss centers offices in New York city and greater Philadelphia do accept insurance for the weight loss visits.

How do I know if I am compensating to insulin resistance?
Use this free insulin resistance calculator tool from W8MD medical weight loss centers!

Check these videos out from the w8md's 52 weeks of weight loss and wellness series on youtube!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why exercise is useless for weight loss!

The conventional wisdom that you have to exercise in order to lose weight has been proved wrong in recent research studies, according to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, founder of W8MD medical weight loss centers of America.

Check this on Quora that details the science and references many articles including the famous time magazine article titled "Why exercise won't make you thin". It is so well proven a fact that even Bally's Fitness has it on their website. Read the article here.

Media articles on exercise and weight loss: 

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